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Have a Great Weekend!

Ah yes TGIF! Nothing better than 5pm on a Friday with the entire weekend ahead of us. I'm going to go grab myself a beer and relax after a crazy week in the office and a great week of trading. To see some updates on my stock picks and trades mosey on over to the Stock Picks page. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Stocks On Watch


Ticker - 3/17 closing price
DPTR - 1.36
WAMUQ - .18
DEAR - 1.47
SKTO - .077
CMZ - 1.02

Check the Stock Picks page for updates!

Stock Pick Gains!

Hello fellow traders! Check out the Stock Picks page to take a look at the gains my picks have made today! I also give an explanation on where I think a few of my big gainers will be going next and what I think your move should be.

Friday Gamble Plays, Stock Picks. Penny Stocks? Lets Have Some Fun!

Vegas! Well sort of. I feel like rolling the dice today and having some fun. Head on over to the stock picks page to see some gamble plays.
Stock Page Update

MIPI has been added to the stock picks page. 

Looking to add the Real Estate page in the near future. Also, looking at getting the body building page up and running. Hope you are enjoying the schwarzenegger body building pic for now!

Keeping watching for more stock picks to come from yours truly.

Stock Picks Page Up and Running!

As some of you may have noticed the Stock Picks page is up and running. The market has been a bit volatile this week, but there are some potential plays out there. So far I have two that I am watching and have supplied a brief write up along with a annotated chart.

The Bodybuilding page is still in the developmental stages, but I plan on having it up and running within the next few weeks. First I plan on focusing on Diet. Your Diet is extremely important no matter what your goal is. Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight or just wanting to start a healthy life style, diet is where you need to look first. I plan on posting up some good nutritional food sources and a basic diet plan. Remember every person is different and not one plan works for everyone. Each plan needs to be customized. One thing is always true, the food you consume should be as close to its natural state as possible.

Keep your eyes on the Stock Picks and the nutritional and exercises Bodybuilding page
. Now More Than Just One Page!

We are officially high rolling now. No longer will be one long page.  New page tabs have been added! (See above)

The three new page titles are:
-Stock Picks

All of the car "stuff" that was on this page has been moved to the Cars section. Keep checking in on the new tabs. I will be adding to them in the coming week.

Wow, What is this? Could it be???Yes, Update!

First I'd like to say welcome to! I'm in the middle of revamping the site after, oh, probably a short 5 years without updates. I figured it was about time to get this site active again. The site will be changing a tiny bit. Before it was just a page full of cars, but now its going to take on a new life. My aim is to keep a running tab on my hobbies/goals while hopefully helping the citizens of the Interwebs along the way. Part of my motivation is giving back.  Most of what I have learned about bodybuilding, investing (Real Estate and Stock Market) has come from books and the World Wide Web. I want to give back a little by posting up what I know to help anyone who might be interested. I'm open for questions and will be adding a comments section so let me know!

For those of you into investing I will post Stock picks at least once a week and you all can follow me along on my Real Estate ventures as well! 

Quick background! I have been fascinated with the Stock Market ever since my Sophomore year in High School when I took my first Economics course. There was something about trading and placing a value on an entity, based off market perception, that really caught my attention (sad I know). Not to mention part of it is almost like telling the future, and if you are good enough you almost can. How sweet is that!?

"It's tangible, it's solid, it's beautiful. It's artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love Real Estate."
- D. Trump

Real Estate! The guy responsible for my interest in Real Estate is my buddy Kurt Green (not the comedian, he's a blonde white dude. Oh and ladies he's available). Kurt has hands on experience in Real Estate working at an Agents office as a "Loss Mitigations Specialist" during and a bit after college.  Kurt dealt with Foreclosures, Short Sales and Bank Negotiations. As we all know the Real Estate market has taken a hit in the last 2 years. Many people are still afraid of hopping in, but I can say I think its stabilizing.  I believe the worst is behind us and its time to start buying.

I love investing, its very exciting stuff and what a great time for opportunity. Have any questions? Just ask away.

Onward to another one of my joys!

Ah yes, the gym. I have a passion (some of my friends might say obsession, but don't listen to them) for working out. "It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex with a woman and coming." ok ok that wasn't me who originally said that (thanks Ahhhnold), BUT the man has a point...sort of. 

Exercise is excellent, plain and simple there is nothing like getting stronger and pushing yourself to improve your overall well being. Its funny, I was reading the news and saw a headline that child obesity in America is a serious threat, really? Its not that difficult of a problem to solve, and that's the beauty of it. Is it hard work, YES, but its within everyone's reach to attain your physical goals. Anyway enough about that, here's how I got started.

For the better part of my youth I was rather slim (160 soaking wet at 6' 2" during my High School/early college days). It was a bouncing job at good ole UMass-Amherst that would change all of this. Working the door is what you have to do in order to get some shifts behind the bar (great college job btw). I figured I needed some more size so I wouldn't get tossed around like a wet noodle, so the lifting commenced.  It wasnt long before I started to notice changes in my size, strength and overall health, I was hooked. It started with lifting that first weight and here I am 3.5 years later still lifting. 

I'm looking forward to keeping updated and hopefully the information here helps anyone who might have some of these same interests. I'm going to close out on a quote from the man, the myth, the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"I'll be back!"